A Convenient, Boutique-Style Atlanta Gynecology Practice, Staffed by All Women, and
Offering Complete Surgical And Continuing-Care Services,
for Every Woman’s Total Life Journey.

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Read on and discover what sets McDaniel & Durrett, P.C. apart
from other gynecology practices…

Full Surgical & Continuing-Care Services

Many gynecology practices specialize in a full range of surgical procedures, but fall short in delivering the same level of continuing-care services. In fact, many of our patients are older women who discovered that their previous gynecologists simply didn’t offer the range of services they needed as they advanced in years.

The founders of McDaniel & Durrett, P.C. decided a long time ago to be the “total-life-journey” gynecological provider. And that means providing services in two key arenas…

  1. We offer a comprehensive array of surgical procedures, including:
    • Minimally invasive gynecological surgery
    • Prolapse surgery
    • Robotic surgery
  2. In addition, we provide a broad array of continuing-care services—with a special emphasis on helping women stay young—including:
    • Hormone therapy
    • Anti-aging regimens
    • Wellness programs
    • Vitamin/mineral assessments
    • Supplements

All-Woman Staff

When women take care of women, there’s an affinity, a shared experience that says, “We absolutely know what you’re going through.” In our practice, all the doctors and staff are women, and that’s given our loyal, long-time patients a high level of comfort and peace of mind.

Women are natural bonders and connectors, a fact that’s particularly important when it comes to this aspect of their health. Our patients appreciate knowing that their gynecologist—their most important lifelong medical provider—is also a woman, and will be in their corner through every stage of their lives.

Calming, Welcoming “Boutique” Setting

Any doctor’s visit carries with it a certain amount of angst and worry. And while we can’t eliminate those anxious moments completely, we’ve done the next best thing…

  • A recent office makeover helped create a comfortable and fashionable “boutique”-style practice setting
  • Our waiting room offers cozy couches and a tranquil atmosphere.
  • If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know you’re in a doctor’s office!

Two Convenient Atlanta Locations

Covering a sizable and central swath of Atlanta, McDaniel & Durrett, P.C. serves their extensive patient base out of two easily accessible and prestigious locations

  • Main Office: On the Piedmont Hospital campus, in the convenient 30309 zip code
  • Satellite Office: On the Northside Hospital campus, in the 30342 zip code

These two ideally situated offices put us within reach of women across most of the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Main Office
Piedmont Hospital Campus

Satellite Office
Northside Hospital Campus